Located at the bottom of the first foothills of the massif of the Vercors and crossed by the river la Drôme, our region offers a color range of diversified and unique landscapes. Its proximity with la Provence allows its population to enjoy a soft Mediterranean climate where pricks up the first lavender fields. Our territory spreads over the country of Crest, well-known for its Tower, the highest Donjon in France. The countries of la Gervanne and of Saillans are characterized by a wild nature, overlooked by vertiginous cliffs, where landscapes of rivers and mountains stand alongside.

All its way along its embankments, the river la Drôme proposes playful and aquatic activities, like canoe, swimming and relaxing in real time. Many geological sites, such as le Synclinal de Saou or la Vallée de la Roanne, bring you in some unusual hiking, reachable by anyone. The forests surrounding the area have also many hiking paths, in some idyllic places overlooked by breathtaking views.

This wealthy natural heritage is combined by cultural and gastronomical attraction of our region. Its picturesque architecture will thrill the old stone lovers. The perched villages, hidden in this rolling landscape, invite you to wander in the small shady streets.

The local products, such as la Clairette, the wines or the Picodon, are elaborated with passion by our producers, respecting biodiversity, and improved by our restaurants’ owners’ care.

So many assets that will make you want to discover our beautiful Vallée de la Drôme!



OUR GPS COORDINATES: LATITUDE : 44.739021394061524 / LONGITUDE : 5.0052809715271


Adress : La Croix de Romans - D93
Avenue Félix Rozier - 26400 CREST
Phone : +33 (0)4 75 57 90 68
Fax : +33 (0)4 75 61 22 68

Practical information

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